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  • Hillary Thomas

    Hillary Thomas

  • Mukharbek Organokov

    Mukharbek Organokov

    Ph.D. in Astrophysics U Data Scientist U Researcher U Kaggler

  • Alvira Swalin

    Alvira Swalin

    Data Scientist @Uber, MSDS @USF, IIT Bombay Alumnus, www.linkedin.com/in/alvira-swalin

  • Richmond Alake

    Richmond Alake

    Machine Learning Content Creator with 1M+ views— Computer Vision Engineer. Interested in gaining and sharing knowledge on Technology and Finance

  • Nicolas Bortolotti

    Nicolas Bortolotti

    Technical Program Manager at Google and Engineering Researcher

  • Emma Ding

    Emma Ding

    Founder | Data Interview Pro https://www.datainterviewpro.com/

  • Mary Dwyer

    Mary Dwyer

  • Rashida Nasrin Sucky

    Rashida Nasrin Sucky

    MS in Applied Data Analytics from Boston University. Read my blog: https://regenerativetoday.com/

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