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These mistakes can be avoided

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Earlier this year, I woke up and said today will be the day I learn Tableau. I rolled up my sleeves and went straight into watching the first beginner tutorial I found on Youtube with a catchy title like “How to Learn Tableau in 1 Day.” About 30 minutes later, I found myself disengaged (I shut my laptop shortly after) and at the start of what would be a slow and painful trek towards building my first Tableau dashboard. …

Picture yourself at work and taking center stage to present your data-driven findings, excitedly breaking down the data viz you spent hours making. Now, imagine yourself taking a pause and looking at your audience. Something is wrong and a cringe feeling washes over you. Instead of curious faces, you find yourself meeting the gaze of glossy-eyed and dissociated colleagues. You think to yourself, what went wrong?

If that picture sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Sometimes it feels like data storytelling is one chart away from leaving the audience speechless (not in the good way). …

Learning how to code has been a messy, consuming, non-linear learning experience but one I would choose over and over again. Coding brings me a lot of joy and is a skill that has helped me to build stronger connections to my professional goals and personal values (more on that in a later post!)

I hope this list is helpful to anyone thinking about starting to code or starting a new skill outside of school. Today I’ll be sharing about how I got oriented, joined community and started learning how to code.

Getting Oriented

  • Talking with Latinx friends who were software engineers…

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“I want to give a call to action to people who believe diversity is important. Because it is an emergency, and we have to do something about it now.” — Timnit Gebru

When I first learned about Timnit Gebru’s work, I was struck with awe. I could feel the sense of urgency that underpins Timnit Gebru’s ideas and commitment as an AI Ethics researcher to increasing diversity in the field of AI. Her message is clear: it’s imperative that AI practitioners take meaningful action to center and elevate the work of Black researchers in AI. …

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Are you trying to break into tech? Or are you looking to advance your career? These five newsletters can help you take that big next step. Signing up to the right newsletters can be tricky and today, we’re sharing five newsletter resources to help you get started.

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Techqueria Networking Mixer at GHC. Huge thanks to Yanessa Lasley for organizing. (Amor Em Pedacos Bakery).

Where do I begin?

I must have asked myself this question hundreds of times as I speed-walked my way down long halls at the 2019 Grace Hopper Celebration. This year I was lucky to attend GHC as a first-timer and I’m here to share my takeaways so that you (amazing brilliant person you are) can also enjoy GHC — the biggest womxn in tech conference in the world.

First things first, what the heck happens at GHC?

I scoured the internet for a loong, long time searching for an answer but all I found were bits and pieces explaining interview…

Or running away from them, as captured in this moment. Bacalar, Quintana Roo.

I am afraid of a lot of things. Here is a super brief list of some that are coming to mind for me today. I am afraid of:

  • Not making a meaningful, positive impact in my community.
  • Failing to build and maintain a full-filling career.
  • The future. I am afraid of failing myself and my parents.
  • The moments when I feel like life is happening to me.
  • Bugs. Really, all insects. Yes, even butterflies.
  • Living for other people and never for myself.
  • The concept of “Draft Lattes.”
  • The fact this list in its entirety would have you scrolling down for…

Mitzi Bandera

Data Science Student and Latina Educator at UCLA. | @latinasindata_

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